• Roseville Beauty College

      If you live in Roseville California and are interested in beauty school, you’re very fortunate. Hoss Lee Academy has one of the United State’s Best Beauty School Programs and it’s right in your back yard here in Roseville, CA. If you’re looking for the best cosmetology and esthetician school in Roseville, a place appealing to those with a fashion mindset and passion for beauty, then Hoss Lee Academy is where you want to be! The beauty industry is an always changing, constantly evolving and needs to have cosmetologists and estheticians that are on the cutting edge of the latest trends in the beauty world. At Hoss Lee, we’re teaching the newest ideas and the greatest/latest techniques. Using our state of the art facilities with courses taught by the industry’s leading experts, you’ll be highly sought after once you graduate. We’re here to ensure you’re the Best Beauty College Graduate Available for the job market in California.
    • Beauty School in Roseville CA

      Just like no two sets of fingerprints are alike, no two beauty schools are alike; especially in California. This is the reason that we strive to the known as the best beauty school is California. If you attend Hoss Lee Academy in Roseville, you’ll understand the difference in how we operate. We provide many different schedules for class times and days so that you can work around your schedule while attending Hoss Lee. We’ve always wanted our students to have a great experience here and that means having ease of access to courses with a hassle-free, and valuable, learning experience.
    • $6,000 Beauty School Scholarship

      How does a $6,000 Scholarship towards your Beauty School Education sound? We thought so. If you want to hear more about the details and to see if you’re eligible, please fill out the form on our website or give us a call today at 916-726-5577. That much money could make a tremendous difference in your financial situation!

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    • Roseville Cosmetology School
      Hoss Lee Academy has been one of the top cosmetology schools in California since we opened our doors. We’re here to provide the best possible experience for you and to enhance your beauty skills so that you’re a successful members of the cosmetology industry.
    • Roseville Esthetician School
      Along with our Cosmetology Courses, Hoss Lee Academy always a strong selection of courses for estheticians. You have the opportunity to help others with their appearance or negative self image. Your job is to create smiles and happiness while being supported with a strong education.
    • 2013 Job Boom in Roseville
      The overall country has seen an increase in the need for beauty school graduates but Roseville, CA has specifically seen a dramatic burst in the hirings of our beauty college graduates. The best way to jump on the job market trend is to attend Hoss Lee Academy and take a full beauty school course curriculum. You’ll soon be on your way to graduating from the best beauty college in California.
    • The Best Beauty College Teachers
      In order to provide you with the best education possible we have to provide you with the best instructors available in the industry. That’s exactly what we’ve done at Hoss Lee Academy Beauty School in Roseville California. We will only hire the best and brightest beauty school professionals in the industry to deliver you with the most recent, most advanced, and latest beauty treatment tips possible. You’ll obtain the best education at Hoss Lee Academy.
    • Trusted & Certified
      We are a member of The American Association of Beauty Schools and we are licensed by The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Along with a significant list of achievements, you can be confident in your education knowing that our courses are approved by the proper channels, taught by licensed professionals, and our business is accredited through the Better Business Bureau.
    • Extremely Affordable
      In order to best suite your life, we offer full time and part time schedules along with a variety of class times throughout the tday. Look, we understand that life is difficult and that managing a full time schedule, along with a family, can be hectic enough without trying to attend school. Keeping this in mind, we’ve made a full effort to ensure that attending Hoss Lee Academy is as easy as possible. We’re more than happy to meet with you or give you a one on one, personal tour of our school.
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